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    Welcome to the

    Ballarat & Western Victorian Taekwondo Inc Website

    Also known as "Ballarat Taekwondo"

    Established in 1974

    Ballarat's Longest Serving Taekwondo School / Club

    40 yrs in Ballarat & Western Victoria


    World Taekwondo Federation - style of Taekwondo.

    Affiliated with Taekwondo Australia, Taekwondo Victoria & Sports Taekwondo Australia,

    Olympic Accredited Taekwondo School

     WE All abide by the Taekwondo Oath, Code Of Ettiqutte and embrace the Philosophy & Priciples of Taekwondo


 Taekwondo Members

Our Members learn and enhance their Skills & Knowlege

 In a suitable learning environment to learn in.

All Individuals, families and the community are accepted at our Taekwondo school.

Head Instructor / Instructors

   Ballarat Taekwondo's Head Instructor Ron Parkinson - 4th Dan and Instructors are Qualified, dedicated and passionate about the Martial art and Sport of Taekwondo.

Our Reputation & Community Service Stands a Test of Time

We continue to uphold the Outstanding reputation that Ballarat Taekwondo has had for 40 years.

Positve Teaching & Learning Environment

Our Instructor's continue to embrace a positive Teaching and Learning environment -with years of experience in Taekwondo.

 Local Family friendly Taekwondo School / Clubs

Ballarat Taekwondo teaches a range of Self defence techniques for protection.

OUR Taekwondo Players / Students – are able to represent Australia at the Olympics


Enrol Today: kick off your Positve Taekwondo Training & Experiences

Ron and Lynda

 Ballarat Taekwondo - Mission Statement

Our Aim & focus: To provide the Community a Genuine, Affordable, No strings attached, Professional Community Martial art & Sport.


                                                   Why Ballarat Taekwondo:

  • Experienced and Friendly Head & Assistant  Instructors
  • Convenient CBD location - Next to Ballarat Railway Station.(Lydiard street)
  • We will endevour to help you achieve results in your Martial art or Sport Experience.
  • Positive Teaching and Learning environment.
  • Those Students - who participate in Individual belt levels - participate in a structured Grading format for each Level. Students only conduct grading's - when they have accomplished the relevant standard to the next level.
  • We are a Stand alone Organisation and not affiliated with any other club
  • We take pride in teaching our members the correct aspects of TKD and have our members progress with their TKD experience at there own pace or when they are ready to go to the next Belt level. (Another words: we dont rush people through belts levels just to make money

Ballarat Taekwondo can enter into Local, State, National and International sparring and technical competitions and members can aim for the ultimate -representing Australia in the Olympics.

Most common reason people take up Taekwondo -to develop Self defence skills. There are a range of other benefits from your Taekwondo training.

Taekwondo Benefits:

  • Beginner to advanced Self defence techniques
  • Improved self confidence and self discipline
  • Enhanced physical fitness and flexibility
  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Hand & Feet combinations.
  • Sparring for Fitness, Self defence or Competitions
  • Boxing style combinations & target work.
  • Patterns from Beginners to Advanced

Students young as 4 -5 yrs old can participate:

Women are encouraged to train in Taekwondo - for personal Safety and other benefits


Meaning of Taekwondo:

The Art of how to use (way of) the feet, fist to Protect yourself

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